Listening to Britten

Painting (c) Brian Hogwood

An at-a-glance guide to the listening completed so far, with links to each article. In the main, the listening will be done in chronological order.

Praise we great men

Welcome Ode, Op.95

Bird Scarer’s Song

The false knight upon the road

Dafydd Y Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock)

Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn (I was lonely and forlorn)

Bonny at morn (with harp)


She’s like the swallow

Lord! I married me a wife

Lachrymae for viola and strings, Op.48a


String Quartet No.3, Op.94

Phaedra, Op.93

A Birthday Hansel, Op.92

Sacred and Profane, Op.91

Suite on English Folk Tunes ‘A time there was…’, Op.90

Canticle V: The Death of Saint Narcissus, Op.89

Suite from Death in Venice, Op.88b

Death in Venice, Op.88

Purcell: When Myra sings

Purcell: Dulcibella, Whene’er I Sue For A Kiss

The National Anthem

Suite for solo cello no.3, Op.87

Purcell: Let the dreadful engines of eternal will

Canticle IV: Journey of the Magi, Op.86

Owen Wingrave, Op.85

Who are these children?, Op.84

Suite for harp, Op.83

Children’s Crusade, Op.82

Tit for Tat

The Prodigal Son, Op.81

Suite for solo cello no.2, Op.80

The Oxen

The Building of the House, Op.79

Choral Dances from Gloriana

The Golden Vanity, Op.78

The Burning Fiery Furnace, Op.77

Sweet was the song

The Poet’s Echo, Op.76

Voices for Today, Op.75


Songs and Proverbs of William Blake, Op.74

Suite for solo cello no.1, Op.72

Curlew River, Op.71

Nocturnal after John Dowland, Op.70

Cantata misericordium, Op.69

Symphony for cello and orchestra, Op.68

Night piece (Notturno)

Gemini Variations, Op.73

Purcell: Take not a woman’s anger ill

The twelve apostles

Hymn of St Columba

King Herod and the Cock

Psalm 150, Op.67

Um Mitternacht

The bitter withy

War Requiem, Op.66

Venite Exultemus Domino

Jubilate Deo in C major

Corpus Christi Carol

Sonata for cello and piano in C major, Op.65

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Op.64

Cantata academica, Carmen Basiliense, Op.62

The Lincolnshire Poacher

Sally in our alley

Missa Brevis in D, Op.63

Fanfare for St Edmundsbury

Dibdin: Tom Bowling

Bonny at morn (with guitar)

Nocturne, Op.60

Master Kilby


Sechs Hölderlin-Fragmente, Op.61

Soldier, won’t you marry me?

Noye’s Fludde, Op.59

Purcell: How blest are shepherds

In memoriam Dennis Brain

Songs from the Chinese, Op.58

The Holly and the Ivy (version for chorus)

Early one morning

O the sight entrancing

The last rose of summer

Oft in the stilly night

Dear harp of my country

Rich and rare

At the mid hour of night

The Minstrel Boy

How sweet the answer

Sail on, Sail on

Avenging and bright

Pas de Six (The Prince of the Pagodas), Op.57a

The Prince of the Pagodas, Op.57

The Heart of the Matter

The Soldier and the Sailor

I will give my love an apple

Antiphon, Op.56b

The shooting of his dear

Timpani piece for Jimmy

Hymn to St Peter, Op.56a

Purcell: O solitude

Alpine Suite

The deaf woman’s courtship

Scherzo for recorder quartet

The Holly and the Ivy

Canticle III: Still falls the rain, Op.55 (The Raids, 1940, Night and Dawn)

The Turn of the Screw, Op.54

The brisk young widow

Symphonic Suite, ‘Gloriana’, Op.53a

Winter Words, Op.52

Gloriana, Op.53

Variation on an Elizabethan Theme

Canticle II: Abraham and Isaac, Op.51

Billy Budd, Op.50

Purcell: I take no pleasure in the sun’s bright beams

Six Metamorphoses after Ovid, Op.49

Ca’ The Yowes

Lachrymae, Op.48

Five Flower Songs, Op.47


A Wedding Anthem (Amo Ergo Sum), Op.46

Spring Symphony, Op.44

The Little Sweep (Let’s Make an Opera), Op.45

The Beggar’s Opera, Op.43

Saint Nicolas, Op.42

Purcell: Job’s curse

A Charm of Lullabies, Op.41

Men of Goodwill

Canticle I: My Beloved is Mine, Op.40

Purcell: I attempt from Love’s sickness to fly

Albert Herring, Op.39

The Stream in the Valley

Purcell: Suite of songs from Orpheus Britannicus

Purcell: A Morning Hymn

O Waly, Waly

Prelude and Fugue on a theme of Vittoria

Occasional Overture, Op.38

Fanfare, ‘The Eagle Has Two Heads’

The Rape of Lucretia, Op.37

The Miller of Dee

Purcell: Celemene, pray tell me

Come you not from Newcastle?

We sing to him whose wisdom form’d the ear

Pray Goody

The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, Op.34

Purcell: In the black dismal dungeon of despair

Purcell: Lord, what is man?

Purcell: Saul and the witch at Endor

Purcell: Shepherd, leave decoying

Purcell: No, resistance is but vain

Purcell: What can we poor females do?

Purcell: Lost is my quiet for ever

Purcell: I spy, Celia

Purcell: Sweeter than roses

Purcell: Man is for the woman made

Purcell: If music be the food of love (first version)

Purcell: Mad Bess

Purcell: Music for a while

Purcell: If music be the food of love (third version)

Purcell: Fairest Isle

Birthday Song for Erwin

String Quartet no.2 in C major, Op.36

This Way To The Tomb: Evening – Morning – Night

This Way To The Tomb: Boogie-Woogie

Deus in adjutorium meum

Sweet Polly Oliver

There’s none to soothe

The plough boy

The Holy Sonnets of John Donne, Op.35

Passacaglia from Peter Grimes, Op.33b

Purcell: Turn then thine eyes

Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes, Op.33a

Peter Grimes, Op.33

Chorale after an Old French Carol

A Shepherd’s Carol

Festival Te Deum, Op.32

Purcell / Weldon: Alleluia

Purcell: The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation

Purcell: Sound the trumpet

Purcell: Evening Hymn

Purcell: The Queen’s Epicedium

Purcell: Pious Celinda

The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard

The Rescue

Rejoice in the Lamb, Op.30

Purcell: There’s not a swain of the plain

Purcell: On the brow of Richmond Hill

Purcell: I’ll sail upon the dog-star

Purcell: Not all my torments can your pity move

Prelude and Fugue, Op.29

Serenade for tenor, horn and strings, Op.31

Quand j’étais chez mon père

Eho! Eho!

Il est quelqu’un sur terre

La belle est au jardin d’amour

Le roi s’en va-t’en chasse


Voici le printemps

La noël passée

The foggy, foggy dew

A Ceremony of Carols, Op.28

Britain To America, Series II No.13: Where Do We Go From Here?

Cradle Song (Sleep, my darling, Sleep)

Britain in Wartime

Frühlingsnacht (arrangement of Schumann)

Die forelle (arrangement of Schubert)

If thou wilt ease thine heart

Hymn to St Cecilia, Op.27

Wild with passion

Clarinet Concerto (unfinished

The trees they grow so high

The crocodile

Scottish Ballad, Op.26

An American Overture

What the wild flowers tell me (arrangement of Mahler)

String Quartet no.1 in D major, Op.25

Mazurka Elegiaca, Op.23/2

Matinées musicales, Op.24

Paul Bunyan, Op.17

The ash grove

Village Organist’s Piece


Underneath the abject willow

What’s in your mind?

I wonder as I wander

Oliver Cromwell

O can ye sew cushions?

The bonny Earl o’Moray

Little Sir William

The Salley Gardens

Introduction and Rondo Alla Burlesca, Op.23 no.1

Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo, Op.22

Diversions for piano left hand and orchestra, Op.21

Sonatina Romantica

Sinfonia da Requiem, Op.20

Canadian Carnival, Op.19

Purcell: Hark the ech’ing air

Purcell: The knotting song

Les illuminations, Op.18

Violin Concerto, Op.15


Young Apollo, Op.16


The Sword in the Stone

Ballad of Heroes, Op.14

Johnson Over Jordan

Prelude on ‘They Walk Alone’

Advance Democracy

On The Frontier

Piano Concerto

The World of the Spirit

The Red Cockatoo

Fish in the unruffled lakes

Tell me the truth about love

Mont Juic, Op.12 (collaboration with Lennox Berkeley)

Hadrian’s Wall: Roman Wall Blues

Night covers up the rigid land

To lie flat on the back with the knees flexed

On This Island, Op.11

Not even summer yet

The sun shines down

The Company of Heaven

Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge, Op.10

Funeral Blues


King Arthur


The Ascent of F6

The Way to the Sea

Temporal Variations

Love From a Stranger

Two Ballads

Soirées musicales, Op.9 (after Rossini)

Our Hunting Fathers, Op.8

Peace of Britain

Two Lullabies

Russian Funeral

Three Divertimenti

Night Mail

When you’re feeling like expressing your affection


Men Behind The Meters

Friday Afternoons, Op.7

Rossini Suite (original version of Soirees musicales)


Suite for violin and piano, Op.6

Coal Face

The King’s Stamp

Two Insect Pieces

A Poison Tree

Holiday Diary, Op.5


Te Deum in C major

Jubilate Deo in E flat major

Simple Symphony, Op.4

Two Two-Partsongs

A Boy was Born, Op.3

Alla marcia

There Is A Willow Grows Aslant a Brook (arrangement of Bridge)

Phantasy Quartet, Op.2

Sinfonietta, Op.1

Double Concerto for violin and viola

Three Two-Part Songs

Phantasy Quintet in F minor

Plymouth Town

Two pieces for violin and piano

Two Psalms

String Quartet in D major

Twelve variations on a theme

Christ’s Nativity

The Moth

Three Character Pieces

Rondo concertante

I Saw Three Ships (The Sycamore Tree)

Two portraits for strings

Movement for wind sextet

Chamber Music V

Elegy for solo viola

A Hymn to the Virgin


Reflection for viola and piano

A Little Idyll

Oh Why Did E’er My Thoughts Aspire

Untitled fragment for strings


The Birds

A Wealden Trio (Christmas Song of the Women)

The Owl

Witches Song


Miniature suite for string quartet

Etude for solo viola

Rhapsody for string quartet

Quatre chansons françaises

Dans le bois

String Quartet in F major

Oh take those lips away


Virtue in Deeds not Words

The Joy of Grief


Of A’ The Airts The Wind Can Blaw

A Dirge

Sonata for cello and piano (1926)

Epitaph: The Clerk

Valse in B major

Five Waltzes

O that I had ne’er been married


I hope you enjoy what you read and gain something from it! If you have any feedback on anything whatsoever, please get in touch on

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