Listening to Britten – Stratton

An updated entry, as I have now purchased the recording!

Good Morning Britten

The cover of the only available recording of Stratton, as released on Pearl.

Stratton – Incidental music (pre 31 October 1949, Britten aged 35)

Text Ronald Duncan
Duration unknown

Audio clips

Clips from the only known recording of Stratton can be heard over at the Allmusic website

Background and Critical Reception

Britten collaborated with Ronald Duncan once again for his very last piece of incidental music, of which very little is known. The score is lost, so the forces for which Stratton was composed are not known – but one recording remains. Conducted by Britten himself, it is described by the issuing record label, Pearl, as ‘thirteen pieces without title, running continuously’.

In his booklet note for the recording, Paul Campion notes the work was premiered at the Theatre Royal, Brighton, in October 1949. ‘It was not a critical success’, he recounts. ‘It is a tragic story. He (Duncan)…

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