Welcome to Team BB


Welcome to Good Morning Britten, a year-long blog that looks to examine all the works of Benjamin Britten in this, the centenary year of his birth.

By doing this the aim is to gain a better understanding of the composer, to celebrate his music and achievements, and to put his work into context with composers that have influenced him, examined through recordings he made as a highly respected pianist and conductor. I’ll be providing Spotify and YouTube links along the way so that you the reader can share the experience as much as possible – and you’ll have every chance to interact with the blog too.

A part of this project is purely self-indulgent, for Britten is one of my favourite composers and a fellow East Anglian, and I am looking to explore more of his work. I know from the outset what a challenge this will be, because not all of his music is easy to get on with.

The plan is to begin by examining Britten’s heritage and schooling, using his own recordings. Then in February the journey through his works will begin, from first note to last, adding reviews of concerts and recordings together with interviews.

Yet this blog will be much more of a success if I can call on your interaction and anecdotes through this ‘Britten 100’ year. Feel free to contribute as much as you like – and I hope you enjoy the voyage!

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3 Responses to Welcome to Team BB

  1. David Krivit says:

    Let’s begin at his beginning; ChamberMusicNY presents three early works as we begin our Benjamin Britten Centenary: The Complete String Quartets. CMNY will present the complete published string quartet literature over three concerts, plus a fourth concert of all of the quartets.

    Tomorrow night we begin with the Quartettino (age 19), Three Divertimenti, and String Quartet in D. You can really hear him testing out the quartet writing in the Quartettino, under the watchful eyes and ears of Frank Bridge.

  2. Will Leben says:

    I just ran across this exciting blog now, at the end of Britten’s centenary, but here’s hoping you’ll keep the site up for a while so we latecomers can digest the wealth of information you’ve posted over the past year.

    • Hello – thanks for saying that, and the answer is yes – absolutely! I definitely want it to stay visible, and there is still a fair bit more to come towards the end of the year! Hope you enjoy reading.

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